Looking for an affordable adjustable desk? Did you know that doing sedentary work nine hours a day is equivalent to the health problems caused by smoking? You don’t want that for your employees, do you? We have designed a laptop stand that allows you to easily combine sitting and standing work. People often say that you should exercise a lot after work. This has no effect on your health, by the way. It is the periods that you sit for a long time that cause health problems and that cannot be made up for by exercising after work. To prevent this, we offer you a You stand. This is one of the few methods to prevent the negative consequences of prolonged sitting. Are you ready to quit the new smoking?
Are you also completely done with back, shoulder or neck complaints after a day’s work? Do you want to do your work calmly and with better concentration? Then an affordable adjustable desk from You-stand is the solution you are looking for. You-stand is the most reliable and stable stand for standing work. It is easy and simple to move around on your desk and you can decide for yourself when you switch from sitting to standing work. It offers your employees a feeling of freedom if they can stand while working. By alternating sitting and standing you burn calories without noticing and that gives you more energy. There are many advantages to mention and that is why we invite you to try a You stand. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about our products.