“Sitting is the New Smoking…”

Scientific research shows that the average European employee is working sitting down almost 9 (!) hours a day! Working while sitting down is also called the “new smoking.” This is a dangerous and unwanted development.


Working for a long time while sitting down is bad for our health. Insufficient exercise even makes us ill: both physically and mentally. Those who work standing for 2 to 4 hours a day ensure a healthier working posture in an easy way. YOU-STAND® is the solution: simple, effective, practical, cheap, and innovative!

Advantages of working while standing

fewer (chronical) back, shoulder and neck complaints
better circulation
burning of calories (3 kg fat burning on a yearly basis!)
more energy
less risk of heart and vascular diseases
less risk of obesity and diabetes
better concentration
more creativity!
And last but not least: less sick leave!

YOU-STAND®: Thé standard in working standing up!

The YOU-STAND® is a sustainable product, practical in use and by far the cheapest solution for an active working posture! The You-Stand has been developed based on the standard ergonomic demands for working standing up.

The YOU-STAND® is quick and easy to assemble! Watch the video: