YOU-STAND® has been developed and created by FITV Concepts in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

FITV Concepts invents, develops, and produces creative solutions that matter. Together with specialized designers and developers, we look for the right improvements and solutions for companies and organizations. The You-Stand is a great example of this.

YOU-STAND® is EU protected and registered with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, which is located in Alicante (Spain), under registration number 002938746-0001.

For more information about YOU-STAND® or for a tailor-made quotation, please contact us:

Tel: +31 (0)6 – 53265497

YOU-STAND®: Thé Standard for Working Standing Up!

Anne van der Velde – Curves Sneek

“I have been a daily and ardent user of the You-Stand since the health fair. I could no longer do without it after only a week. As the owner of a health club it is of course self-evident to give the right example.

I got quite a large number of members of my health club on the track of the You-Stand and know that local organisations and companies are using it”.

Cees Ebben, Manager Bedrijfsvoering en Onderwijs – Gilde Opleidingen

“Some professional training courses require a lot of work behind a computer. This is why we introduced our students to working while standing up. We do this by placing three You- Stands in our new study area. We hope that this helps them experience that an alternating working posture benefits their general wellbeing and has a preventive effect. They can then take this experience in their studies to their internship or their eventual workplace”.

Anite Oude Booyink – FysioTape

I’m extremely pleased about the You-Stand, it’s truly fantastic. Naturally, I alternate working while standing up with sitting at my desk. I usually stand up after lunch or sometimes in the morning. I can easily get the You-Stand at my desk on my own and remove it again.
It’s also a cheap solution for a sitting/standing desk”.

Wendy van den Barselaar – Van der Let & Partners

“I’m very satisfied about the You-Stand; I have good experiences with it. I only use one screen on the top shelf though, in spite of taking the wider version, intended for two screens.

With one light screen (laptop) at the top instead of two, I can easily switch from standing to sitting and vice versa”.